A mediator is a neutral party who is focused on resolving the dispute between the parties.


Mediation allows the parties to control the process and the outcome of the dispute.  It saves time, money and stress.


About Mediator Nancy Cronin

Nancy Cronin is a 2022 graduate of Pepperdine School of Law, Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution Program, which is the standard of excellence in preparing effective Mediators.  Pepperdine School of Law’s intensive 40-hour interactive training program for Mediation provides extensive knowledge and practical applications for Mediators to break impasses and resolve cases. It is the finest place to receive training on all aspects of being a Mediator.

After almost 30 years of litigating cases as a Plaintiff’s lawyer, Nancy Cronin, has the experience, knowledge, and fortitude to resolve your issue. She specializes in all cases involving injuries, either physical or emotional. However, her Mediation Practice is not limited to any particular type of case and can mediate a multitude of issues, including but not limited to business disputes, divorce, and contracts. This mediation practice emphasizes Settlement Facilitation, where Ms. Cronin was an impartial guide who helped each side understand the strengths and weaknesses of their case and make settlement offers. The parties may meet in the same room, but the usual practice is to have the parties in separate rooms wherein offers and counteroffers are conveyed. Further, in some cases, Mediator Nancy Cronin can act as a neutral evaluator where an opinion is given about the likely outcome of the case.

Nancy Cronin has tried cases all over the State of New Mexico and she is comfortable and capable in mediating cases from anywhere in New Mexico.  She is a member of the New Mexico Mediators Association and is a member of the Dispute Resolution Commission created by the New Mexico Supreme Court.

“I realized that the true function of the lawyer was to unite parties riven asunder…[a] large part of my time…as a lawyer was occupied in bringing about private compromises of hundreds of cases.  I lost nothing thereby..not even money, certainly not my soul.”  Mohadas Gandhi.

Mediation Procedures

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Mediation Timeframe

When does the mediation session happen?

Mediations can take place early in a case, in the middle of the case, or at the end of the case, just before the trial. The mediation requires that the parties either attend the mediation in person or by video conferencing. At no time are the parties in the same room.

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Mediation Process

You may have some concerns surrounding going to mediation. If you have had your deposition take place, you may fear that the mediation will be similar. It is not. You do not have to provide testimony. You should feel free to discuss any issues with your mediator and know that what you tell your mediator is confidential. By the time you attend your mediation, your attorney will have prepared a Mediation Statement that outlines the facts and the law about your case.


Mediation is Confidential

Mediation allows the parties to control the process and the outcome of the dispute.  It saves time, money, and stress. Once the mediation begins, you may be asked questions about your case. If you decide you want your mediator to know certain facts, you are free to discuss them. Everything said in each room is confidential.

Professional Mediator Nancy Cronin

Why hire Nancy Cronin to represent your Mediation case?

Nancy has a proven track record of success in successfully resolving cases out of court and is a graduate of the most prestigious mediation course in the USA.

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